New Ways to Earn Miles/Points/Credits/Whatever They Call Them

IMG_2821At one point, the only way to earn Miles/Points/Credits/Whatever your frequent flier or traveler program calls them, was to use their services and their services only. (For this post I am just going to refer to them as miles since it is the most common.) It later expended to the use of a credit card that you could earn additional miles with, but now there are several different ways to earn miles without having to use that credit card or take a flight.

note: not all frequent flier programs are available with every option listed. Check with your individual program to see who they are contracted with. – I have been using E-Miles on and off for the past few years and it is a very simple way to earn additional miles or to keep your account active with your frequent flier program. They usually have short ads or videos for you to look at, then a short survey afterwards to earn those miles. There are ways to earn additional miles if you actually buy/donate or sign up for the services that are being advertised. Just today I logged in for about 10 minutes and earned 35 miles by just watching a few 30 second videos, closing out the pop ups and then answering the 5 question survey. – E-rewards is more survey based than E-miles. You can sign up for how many surveys you want to receive on average and you are rewarded on the avg length of time it takes a participant to complete the survey. Collect you rewards and then you can exchange them for miles with your particular program.

Rental Cars – Many airlines have agreements where you can earn miles with a rental car company that they are contracted with. Many times you can earn double or triple miles by using these. I know not an everyday expense or option but something to keep in mind.

Flowers - Not an everyday purchase, but it should be. Show those who are special in your life that you thinking of them. Again, many airlines are contracted with some of the national floral companies

Shopping - You can earn points by shopping online with select retailers. Usually you just have to log into you rewards account and then go through there to get to your favorite retailers. This is also available to some extent on so you don’t have to memorize as many places to go.

Utilities – I didn’t believe this one either, but with Southwest’s Rapid Rewards you can earn points for just paying your utility bill. There are certain restrictions and it is only offered in certain states so be sure to check this out to see if you are in one of them. What could it hurt??


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