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I had flown on Aer Lingus a few years back and I would say it was a middle of the road experience. First of all it was a short-haulĀ  flight from Dublin to London Heathrow. Maybe it was because it was my flight back to states and I was ready to head home or I was still feeling the effects of the pub crawl form the night before, but check-in was confusing and I ended up waiting in the wrong line just to be instructed to walk across the terminal to this other area where I could check-in and drop off my bag. The walk was not far to this new area, but we all hate that feeling of waiting in line just to get to the front to be instructed to go somewhere else.

The rest of the journey was simple and painless. Finding security was easy and also finding my gate. Security was no different than what you would find in the states and since they speak English it is a little bit easier rather than the experience I had going through security while in Frankfurt.

The flight was decent we left on time but it felt like we were late getting into London. As you may know Heathrow is the busiest airport in the world and only has 2 runways so things can get congested in a hurry! As a result many flights have to circle the area before landing. On my flight we were circling for about 25 minutes before landing. Unfortunately, that is also the time were you start to get anxious to get back on the ground so you can connect to you next flight and be home!

Keep in mind that this is not my first time where I have been on a flight where we have had to circle the airport, but it was the longest. Having a window seat I was able to look and see all the other planes in the area doing the same. At one time I could see about 4 other planes out my window. Some were as close that you could start trying to guess what the planes tail numbers were while others where more of a mere spec.

We finally landed without incident and made it to our gate. The flight was smooth and the flight attendants seemed to be helpful, but since the flight was so short there really was not much there to do.

Overall Grade: 3 out of 5

As you can tell by this review there was nothing much to call home about. There was nothing that really wowed me or had me wish that they had more flights going into and out of the US. The only issue was finding the right check-in line, but again that could have been on me with my current state of mind


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